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Thứ Năm, 10 tháng 2, 2011


Part I

 Mưng kal hu sa urang likei kathaut-rabah. Once upon a time there was a poor man.
Urang nan oh hu sang, hadiip, anưk jang oh hu.
He did not have a home, a wife and not even a child.
Muyah urang nan khing kamei,
If he marries,
kamei nan dauk kajap karo dwa bilan,
that girl will live for tw0 months
Klau bilan mưtai.
The third month she died.
Bloh urang likei nan khing kamei pakan wơk,
Then that man married another wife,
Jang yuw nan lei.
Still the same happened.
Yuw nan, urang likei kathaut rau-ri,
Therefore, the poor man worried,
Nhu mưng sanưng, “Drei nau dwah Po Debita pioh tangi bal sang-pajan drei yuw ni.”
He then thought, “I will go find God Debita to ask why is my house and property is like this."
Hrei nan nhu ganieng sa kabik brah thaung ia mưsin,
That day he carried a bag of rice and sauce.
Part II

Nau tapak gah ia hrei tamư.
Went toward the sun set
Tal sup, nhu weh tamư palei likuw dih di sang sa muk taha.
Till dark, he turned into a village to ask for a place to sleep in an old lady’s house.
Muk nan tangi, “ Kamun dauk pak hlei mai, hu bruk gek?”
The old lady asked, “Nephew where did you come from, what is your business?”
Urang likei mưng lac wơk, “Dahlak dauk tah palei.
The man replied, “I’m from a far village.
Dahlak nao dwah Po Debita pio*h tangi ka sang-pajan dahlak oh droh urang.”
I’m going to find Po Debita to ask about my house and property it is not like others."

Muk hmit dom yuw nan,
She heard him say that,
Dalam tian muk ngak on,
In her heart she wanted to be generous,
Kayuw muk takru* payuw panoch tangi Po Debita sa bruk.
Becase she liked to send a message to ask Po Debita.
Mlam nan muk brei lisei ka urang nan huak-bang.
That night she gave rice for the man to eat.
Tal dah page urang likei rami-ramik tabiak nao.
Until the next morning the man packed his belongings and left.


Muk mưng dom lac, “Urak ni nai likuw paywa panoch piơh tangi Po Debita.
The old lady then said, “Right now Aunt would like to send a message to ask Po Debita.
Nai hu pala dwa phun dalim di dwa gah bang jang limư thun mưni.
Auntie planted two pomegranate trees beside the two gates for five years already.
Phun dalim nan praung oh praung,
The pomegranate plants are neither big nor small.
Boh oh mưboh,
Has no fruit nor does it grow fruit,
Mưtai oh mưtai.
Looks dead but not dead
Mưyah kamun gok Po Debita tangi yom ka nai hai, lac bal ngak yuw nan?”
If you meet Po Debita ask for me, “Why is it like this?”
Urang likei nan lac, “ Po .”
The man said, “Yes.”
Bloh nhu likuw drei tabiak nao tapak gah ia hrei tamư.
Then, he excused himself to leave toward the sunset.

Nau mưng page tal sup oh ka gok Po Debita,
Travelled from morning till night, still did not meet Po Debita,
Mưlam nan urang likei kathaut weh tamư palei likuw dih,
That night the poor man turned into a village to ask for a place to sleep,
Min nhu tamư gok sang urang kamei bilau.
But he entered a widow’s house.

Urang kamei po sang tangi lac: “Ai dok pak hlei mai ni?”
That lady house owner asked: “Brother, where did you come from?”
Urang likei nan lac: “dahlak dok tah lo. Dahlak mai pak ni piơh likuw dih sa mưlam
The man said: “I am from very far away. I come here to ask for a place to sleep one night
Min tal dah page dahlak nao wơk.”
Then in the morning I will go again.”

Urang kamei po sang tangi wơk: “Ai nao tao?”
The lady house owner asked: “Brother where are you going?”
Urang likei mưng lac: “Dahlak nao dwah Po Debita piơh tangi ka sang-pajan dahlak kho-rabah.”
Then the man said: “I am going to find Po Debita to ask about my house and property it is poor.”
Urang kamei biluw hmit dom yuw nan mưk ngak on dalam tian,
When the woman just heard that she felt the generosity in her heart,
Min oh ka dom tabiak.
But she did not speak out.
Mưlam nan urang kamei po sang brei sang ka urang likei dih,
That night the woman house owner gave her house to the man to sleep,
Jang brei brah thong mưsin ka nhu tanưk hwak.
And also gave rice and sauce for him to cook.
Tal dah page,
Until the morning,
Urang likei likuw drei tabiak nao.
The man excused himself to go.
Urang kamei Po sang mưng dom lac: “Mưyah ai nao gok Po Debita,
The lady house owner said: “If you go see Po Debita,
Nan likuw ai tangi ka dahlak sa bruk hai như!”
Remember I asked you for a favor!”
Urang likei nan lac wơk: “Urak ni ai takrư ka dahlak tangi bruk get?”
Then the man replied: “Right now what would you like me to ask about?”
Urang kamei nan dom yuw ni: “Dahlak ngak bang-angui hu mưda,
That lady said like this: “I make a good living,
Min oh hu pasang,
But have no husband,
Jang oh hu anưk.
And have no children
Dahlak khing hu limư urang likei bloh,
I married five husbands already,
Likei halei jang oh dok.
Everyone of them is gone.

Urak ni likuw ai,
Right now I ask you,
Mưyah gok Po Debita,
If you meet Po Debita,
Nan tangi bruk nan ka dahlak.”
[color=]Remember to ask about that business for me.”[/color]
Urang likei kathaut nan he,
The poor man agreed,
Tabiak nao wơk gah ia hrei tamư.
And left again toward the sunset.

Part V

Hrei nan urang likei kathaut nao mưng page tal jala praung,
That day the poor man went from morning until late afternoon,
gauk sa bauh kraung ia praung thaung dalam.
Met a river that is big and deep.
Urang nan sanưng war lai, oh ngak yuw hlei tapa truh.
He though to himself, what will he do to pass over.
Dok krưh sanưng, likei nan hmit sap eu lach,
In the middle of thinking, he heard a sound saying,
“Ơi ai mưnus! Ai nao tao nan?”
“Oi, brother human! Where are you going?”
Urang kathaut linhe maung di hang kraung bauh sa drei tapa praung,
The poor man turned to look in the river and there was a big turtle,
mưng dom thaung tapa nan lach,
then said to the turtle,
“Kuw nao dwah Po Debita piơh tangi ka sang-pajan kuw o drơh urang.”
“I am going to find Po Debita to ask about my house and my property which is not like others.”
Tapa mưng dom wơk lach,
Then the turtle replied,
“Mưyah ai ngak ơn thaung dahlak sa bruk, dahlak likuw ba ai tapa truh di kraung ni.”
“If you can help me with one thing, I will bring you over this river.”
Urang kathaut tangi tapa ka bruk get.
The poor man asked what that turtle wanted.
Bloh tapa lach wơk,
The turtle replied,
“Dahlak dauk tapah pak ni kajek dwa pluh thun bloh oh ka srơh rup, dok di tapa miet
“I have been here for almost 20 years but my figure is not changed, I am still a turtle.
Mưyah ai gok Po Debita, likuw ai tangi jom ka dahlak.”
If you meet Po Debita please ask him for me.”
Urang likei kathaut he, lach,
The poor man agreed, and said,
Mưyah kau gok Po Debita, kuw tangi bruk nan ka hư.”
“Yes. If I meet Po Debita, I will ask about that for you.”
Blauh tapa padal urang likei dik ngauk raung,
Then, the turtle asked the man to climb on his back,
nhu loi truh gah deh hang kraung.
He swam over to the other side of the river.
Tapah truh di kraung, urang likei nau sa wet jalan,
After crossing the river, the man went part of the way,
bauh sa ong taha bilwu kang kauk,
and saw an old, stubborn man,
chuk aw lah, kak akok bhaung.
Who wore a shirt with a head wrap on his head.
Ong nan dang di krưh jalan,
That old man stood in the middle of the street,
maung tapak nhu tangi lach,
and stared straight to the poor man and asked,
“Ban nan, hư nau tau?”
“That man, where are you going?”
Urang likei nan pathau wơk, “Pathaw ong, dahlak nao dwah Po Debita.”
The man replied, “Ong, I am going to find Po Debita.”
Ong taha lach wơk, “Hư dwah Po Debita ngak get? Kuw ni nan Po Debita.”
The old man replied, “Why are you looking for Po Debita? I am Po Debita.”
urang likei hauch-kada, drưc-khoi pathaw lach,
The man was shocked, kneeled down and said,
“Pathaw Po, anưk dwah Po piơh likuw pang ka than-pajan anưk oh drưh urang.”
“Po, I am looking for Po to hear you tell me about my house and my property which is not like others.”
"Kau lang ka hư dalam kluw bruk.”
"I will explain for you three things.”

Part VI

Urang likei kathaut hmit Po Debita dom ka lang kluw bruk min,
The poor man heard Po Debita mentioned only three cases,
nhu war glai.
He was confused.
Nhu takrư tangi Po pak bruk,
He wanted to ask Po about four cases,
sa bruk nhu thaung kluw bruk urang payua.
One was his own and three cases were sent from people.
Nhu sanưng nau, sanưng mai sa mrauk blauh nhu lach,
He thought back, thought forth for a while then he said,
“Anưk likuw hang Po kluw bruk.”
“I(child) ask from Po three cases.”
Urang likei kathaut kuk akauk,
The poor man bowed down,
“Po Debita, hu sa muk pala dwa phun dalim di dwa gah bang jang hu limư thun blauh.
“Po Debita, an old lady planted two pomegranate trees between two gates for 5 years already.
Dalim nan mưtai oh mưtai, mưbauh oh mưbauh, kayua yuw hlei?”
That pomegranate tree is neither dead nor alive; neither has fruits nor grows fruits, for what reason?”
Po Debita lang lach, “Bruk nan kayua mưng la gha dalim hu jơk mưh,
Po Debita replied, “That case is because beneath the tree there is a jar of gold,
yuw nan dalim oh hu bauh, oh hu bingu.
That is why the pomegranate does not have fruits or flowers.
Hư nau sang muk nan, chauh pak la gha mưk jơk mưh.
You go to the old lady’s house, dig beneath the gate to get the jar of gold.
Blauh phun dalim nan siam lo, hư bauh hu bingu wơk.”
Then that pomegranate tree will be vibrant, will have fruits and flowers.

Urang nan tangi pang ka bruk dwa,
The man asked about the second case,
“Pathau Po Debita, hu sa urang kamei bang-angui mưda min oh hu anưk, oh hu pasang dauk. Yuw bal nan?
“Po Debita, there is a lady who is wealthy but has no children and no husband. Why is that?
Po Debita lang wơk, “Urang kamei bilau khing likei oh dauk, oh hu anưk,
Po Debita replied, “The widow lady married a husband who no longer with her and no children,
kayua oh djơp nưthak.
Because of un-matched horoscope.
Urak ni urang kamei nan khing hư,
Right now that lady marry you,
haday ni ngak bang hu ginup-mưda, hu anưk tacho.”
Down the road you two will be wealthy and will have children and grand-children.”

Urang likei kathaut nan likuw pang ka bruk kluw.
The poor man asked about case three.
“Pathau Po Debita, hu sa drei tapa,
“Po Debita, there is a turtle,
nhu tapah di dwa pluh thun mưni min oh ka hu srơh jơng gek.
It has been righteous for over 20 years and it still has not transformed into anything.[/color
Kayua bal yuw nan?”
[color=green]Why is that?”

Po Debita lang lach, “Bruk nan kayua dalam pabah tapa nan hu sa thar mưtay.
Po Debita said, “That case is because inside that turtle’s mouth there is a piece of jade.
Hư padal tapa ek mưtay nan brei ka hư,
You tell the turtle to spit out that jade and give to you,
blauh nhu srưh jưng inư-girai.
Then it will transform into a dragon.
Min hư joi brei ka nhu thau dahlau joi.
But you shouldn’t let it know first.
Mưyah hư brei ka nhu thau dahlau,
If you let it know first,
yuw nan nhu ek mưtay blauh nhu jưng inư-girai,
then it will spit out the jade and then it will transform into a dragon,
nhu par tagauk. Hư chang nhu ba hư tapa kraung ka,
and it will fly away. You must wait for it to bring you over the river,
blauh hư khan wơk ka nhu pang.”
Then you inform it about this.”

Lơh panoch Po Debita srơh rup lihik.
Once Po Debita finished his words he transformed and disappeared.
Urang likei nan pauk tangin kakuh kluw bang blauh gilach tui jalan klak wơk mai sang.
The man raised his hands and bowed three times then turned around to head toward the old path home.
Dalam tian mưk ngak bui-on.
He felt good in his heart.


Urang likei kathaut gilach mai tal hang kraung.
The poor man returned to shore of the river.
Tapa maung bauh tangi lach,
The turtle saw him and asked,
“Ai mưnus hu gauk Po Debita pajơ ka o?
“Brother human, did you meet Po Debita or not?
Ai hu tangi ka bruk dahlak lei?”
Did you ask about my case?”
Urang likei nan lach,
The man replied,
Kuw gauk Po Debita saung tangi blauh, min urak ni hư ba kuw tapa truh di krong ni,
“Yes. I met Po Debita and asked already, but right now you bring me across this river first,
blauh kuw dom ka hư pang.”
Then I will tell you.”
Tapa takrư thuw ka bruk drei,
The turtle liked to hear about its case,
nhu padal urang likei dik ngauk raung, blauh loi tapa truh.
It told the man to rid on his back, the swam over the river.
Tapa truh kraung, urang likei nan dom yuw ni.
Over the river, the man said like this.
Dalam pabah hư hu sa thar mưtay.
Inside your mouth there is a piece of jade.
Hư ok mưtay nan ka kuw, blauh hư srơh jưng inư-girai.”
You spit out that jade for me, then you will transform to a dragon.”
Tapa hmit yuw nan, nhu muk ngak on-tabon, nhu ok mưtay ka urang likei kathaut.
The turtle heard that, it was very happy, he spit out the jade for the poor man.
Mưk hu mưtay, urang likei kathaut nau tapak sang urang kamei bilau.
Got the jade, the poor man went straight to the house of the widow lady.
Urang kamei nan tangi urang likei kathaut ka bruk gauk Po Debita.
That lady asked the poor man about meeting Po Debita.
Urang likei nan dom lach,
The man said,
“Po Debita lach ai khing likei oh dauk yuh-sak kayuw oh djơp bang-nưthak.
“Po Debita said you married but do not have long life with that person because of not matching horoscope.
Urak ni Po padal ai khing dahlak ka mưng dauk yuh-sak saung gaup.”
Now, Po commands you to marry me so we can live together and be prosperous.”
Urang kamei pang tui panoch Po Debita,
The lady listened to the words of Po Debita,
dwa urang nhu ngak hadiip pasang bang poch bui-klao saung gawk.
The two of them became wife and husband and lived happily together.

Dauk saung hadiip hu dwa kluw hrei,
Have stayed with his wife for two, three days,
urang likei nan nau sang muk taha khan panoch Po Debita dom ka jơk mưh dauh pak la gha phun dalim.
That man went to the old lady’s house to inform the words of Po Debita about the jar of gold underneath the pomegranate tree between the gates.
Muk taha nan pang katha chauh bauh pak la nan hu dwa jơk mưh.
The old lady listened, dug underneath, and there were two jars of gold.
Muk nan on lo, dalam tian bui-be lo,
The lady was very happy, and in her heart she felt the same,
likuw alin ka urang likei nan sa jơk mưh.
She asked to give the man one gold jar.

Hrei hadei dwa hadiip pasang urang kathaut nan hu anưk tacho ngak bang ginup-mưda yuh-sak thong gawk.
Down the road, the two, wife and husband had children and grand-children and were wealthy and lived a long life together.
Hu yuw nan kayua urang likei hu tian siam , dauk hu phwơl lo.
Having this was due to the kind heart that the man had.

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