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Thứ Năm, 10 tháng 2, 2011

Champa Population

There are two groups of Campa people. The Cams who reside in the coastal area, uses an Austronesia language and practice the matrilineal and matrilocal social system. The people who live in the highland areas also speak the Austronesia language, that is similar to the Cam language and they practice a matrilineal and matrilocal social system similar to the Cams. They are made up of several ethnic groups including Rhade, Jarai, Hroi, Cru and Raglai. Some of these people speak Austroasiatic. Those who practice patrilineal and patrilocal social system are the ethnic groups of Bahnar, Sedang, Mnong, Stieng and Ma.

All the ethnic groups that reside in the Campa territory have similar rights and responsibilities. Hence, some one from among the highlanders could become king regardless of his ethnicity. For example, there was a Campa king by the name Po Rome (1627-1651) who was from among the Cru ethnic group. He was famous and respected by the Cam even until today.

Contrary to what researchers believed prior to 1970, the Campa kingdom is not a mono-ethic nation but rather a poly-ethnic nation where non-ethnic Cams from the highlands also played a major role. Before the 15th Century, due to Hinduism, there were two classes in the Campa kingdom: the ruling class and the commoners. The ruling class was made of its leaders and family members, the Brahman and the nobility. They practiced the Sanskrit traditions and lived their lives modeled after the Indian culture. The commoners were divided into free people, slaves and foreigners who were considered as enemies and rebels.

After the 15th Century, the Campa people were divided into two classes. The first was made up of the rulers, royalties, nobility, religious leaders and those in power; Hinduism influenced them. The second class is made up of free people such as farmers and sailors. Another category of citizens is known by its high number, called the . The is a category of citizen that was made slaves either through their own debts or through their parents� debts. They have to work for the debtors fro a certain period of time or until their debts are paid off before they are freed. Normally, the were made of war prisoners or those caught by the army.

Population-wise today there are only approximately 80,000 Cams who live in the coastal area of Central Vietnam and about 400,000 residing in the highlands. They are made of various ethnic groups such as Rhade, Jarai, Hroi, Cru, Raglai, Bahnar, Sedang, Mnong, Stieng and Ma. From this number, there are only about 30,000 of the Cams and the Malays who live in Ho Chi Minh City, Chau Doc and Tay Ninh (Southern of Vietnam).

Artifak Champa Di American Museum of Natural History New York

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